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The necessity of using the HDPE side packing board

Details Introduction:

side packing board


HDPE side packing board is a product made by using plastic plate as the base material and through automatic die cutting machine with ideal processing technology.

HDPE side packing board
HDPE side packing board

Features of HDPE side packing board:

HDPE side packing board is nontoxic, the surface is smooth, the level off, the pressure resistance, the impact resistance, the cold resistance, the high temperature resistance, the corrosion resistance, the aging resistance, moreover has the acid proof, the fire prevention, is not easy to break off, the buffer strength and so on strong characteristic, is the stainless steel, the thin plate and so on steel coil packing new ideal material.

The use of circular side guard plate can prevent the steel coil from damage during storage and transportation, as follows:

1, Protection coil;

2, Protect the most vulnerable coil edges;

3, Protect rust-proof paper and plastic bags from being scratched by steel rolled edges.

Our company has advanced equipment and production process, the production of round side panel packaging is convenient and easy to operate, especially suitable for steel production enterprises all kinds of coil packaging. The company product model is various, the service is thoughtful, the quality is superior, zealously welcome the new old customer presence to discuss the cooperation!

Plastic protection board for steel coil

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